Book reading at Lady Boswells primary school, Sevenoaks - 21/03/2024

Visit From Author And Grandad, Mr Mansfield

Year 2 were excited and surprised to receive a visit from the Grandad of a member of Mulberry Class. Mr. Ken Mansfield visited Maple and Mulberry Classes to read them his newly published book 'Lost'. This fabulous publication, with a wonderful story and beautiful illustrations is being launched next week at Sevenoaks Book Shop. Our thanks to Mr Mansfield for bringing these enchanting characters to life, and gifting the School copies of his book.

We wish him every success.

Ken at Lady Boswells primary school
Ken at Lady Boswells primary school
Sevenoaks primary school on 09/05/24

I am on a mission to visit as many primary schools in and around the Sevenoaks area as I can, depending on who will have me. Who knows I may expand beyond the borough should my schedule allow. I am doing this in memory of our daughter Jo, who was a primary school teacher. Presently I am reading my book ‘Lost’ , which is suited to 6-8 year olds. However as my writing progresses my titles may change. My next book on the production line is ‘The Drip’ which should be available around autumn time 2024. Copies of my book will be donated to the school libraries and I have been delighted to say that both Lady Boswells and Sevenoaks primary have been kind enough to welcome us. (Please note I do not charge for visits.)

Next in line is Roman Road primary in Newham. This is the school where Joanne taught so I am especially looking forward to meeting staff and reading to the children.

If you are a headteacher, parent or governor connected to a school and would like me to come and read to the children please write to me via my contact page.

Book launch of ‘Lost.’

Ken & Tiffany Conway (illustrator) Ken & Tiffany Conway (illustrator)
Amelia (age 6) reading at launch Amelia (age 6) reading at launch
Ken signing copies of ‘Lost.’ Ken signing copies of ‘Lost.’
Gracie & Tommy (inspiration for ‘Lost.’) Gracie & Tommy (inspiration for ‘Lost.’)

Lost - Please click on my video

Lost book cover

Lost book cover

Book launch of Jojo and the amazing adventures of wilson dog
Book launch of Jojo and the amazing adventures of wilson dog

Book launch of Jojo and the amazing adventures of wilson dog

Please click on my video, constructed with help from my daughter, as a sample taster for my new book and see a few of the amazing illustrations by Tiffany Conway. All sequenced to my favourite Elton John song. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Hardcover of Jojo

The hardback cover of Jojo and the amazing adventures of wilson dog